Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Things to Do

I understand you have many things to do, so the following homework is optional. However, if you want me to mark, you need to complete (1) and (3) by tomorrow. I will go through (1) in class on Monday so if you can't finish it by tomorrow, you'll still have access to the answers on Mon.

(1) PSLE Booklet Specimen Paper (Do your best!)
(2) Vocabulary MCQs (Will go through on Monday)
(3) Composition (Not mentioned in class, but you may do Question (5) in the PSLE Booklet if you need the practice)

For (3),
If you submit it tomorrow - I will mark and return it on Mon.
If you submit it on Mon / Tue - I will go through it orally with you.
If you do not submit it - It's fine, but please do spend time reading up your composition notes and exposing yourself to the vocabulary list.

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