Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Composition Ideas

A few of your classmates persuaded you to join them in playing a trick on a boy in your class whom all of you disliked. You agreed to do so.

Make use of the points below:
- how you were persuaded
- why you agreed to the ploy
- what you and your classmates did to the boy
- how the boy reacted
- what happened in the end

Possible ideas:
1) Clarence
- The boy was a hypocrite and your classmates who all loathed him persuaded you to play a trick on him.
- You did not want to be a wet blanket.
- The plan was to switch off the master power in the hall while the boy was giving a speech.
- The boy was embarrassed.
Complication: Just as you turned on the switch again, things did not turn out the way you intended. There was a power trip.
- The boy cried and the AV crew was punished.
Conclusion: Two wrongs do not make a right.

2) Joel Ting
- Your classmates made the plan sound tantalizing.
- You agreed to play the trick as you did not like the boy – state why.
- You and your classmates stole the boy’s money. You left your own wallet on the table.
- The boy told the teacher about the loss of money.
Complication: The money was found in your own wallet. Your classmates had framed you for the crime!
- You were reprimanded and later, when you confronted your classmates and beat up one of them, your teacher caught you in the act and punished you again.

3) Matthew
- Your classmates were irritated with Paul, a Christian who kept evangelizing.
- They got angry when you did not want to join them in the ploy. Pressurised by your peers, you agreed to join them.
- You destroyed Paul’s Bible.
- Paul burst out in unstoppable tears, but forgave you instantly when you confessed to the act.
- You became good friends.

4) Ching Wah
- A new student was transferred to your class. He was short and fat and was taunted mercilessly by your classmates.
- Your classmates put paint on the victim’s seat.
- He rushed out of school during recess as he could not tolerate the taunts.
Complication: The boy met with an accident as he was running out of school.
- You were punished for the act.

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