Thursday, September 30, 2010

Happy Children's Day!

Thank God for you. :) Do spend the weekend wisely.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Things to Do

I understand you have many things to do, so the following homework is optional. However, if you want me to mark, you need to complete (1) and (3) by tomorrow. I will go through (1) in class on Monday so if you can't finish it by tomorrow, you'll still have access to the answers on Mon.

(1) PSLE Booklet Specimen Paper (Do your best!)
(2) Vocabulary MCQs (Will go through on Monday)
(3) Composition (Not mentioned in class, but you may do Question (5) in the PSLE Booklet if you need the practice)

For (3),
If you submit it tomorrow - I will mark and return it on Mon.
If you submit it on Mon / Tue - I will go through it orally with you.
If you do not submit it - It's fine, but please do spend time reading up your composition notes and exposing yourself to the vocabulary list.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Situational Writing Practice (5) - PSLE Booklet

Model answer:

Dear Manager,

My name is Tina Lee and I am a pupil from Clever Primary School. I am writing to inform you of how helpful one of your staff, Miss Lily, was towards me.

On 5 October 2009, I was at the Bedok Public Library borrowing some books. As I was about to leave the library, I dropped my wallet on the ground. I only discovered that it was missing when I was about the board the bus at the bus stop. At that moment, Miss Lily came running towards me and returned me my wallet. I could not thank her as the bus driver was hurrying me to board the bus.

I would like to express my gratitude towards Miss Lily. If it had not been for her, I would have been stranded at the bus stop. Once again, I would like to convey my appreciation towards her. Please help to convey my gratefulness to her. Thank you.

Tina Lee

Points to note:
1) Introduce yourself.
2) At the end, give a short conclusion. Do not end abruptly.
3) At the end, some of you wrote "I look forward to your favourable reply." However, you did not ask the manager to do anything, so why do you need a favourable reply? Put yourself in the shoes of the manager and see what information is needed.
4) Include your surname when signing off.

Homework and what to bring

1) Vocab Q41-70
2) Bring Practice Paper file tomorrow
(As mentioned previously, do not bring it unless I tell you to..... Tomorrow is one of the rare occasions when I will use it.)

Situational Writing Test

Model answer:

Dear John,

How are you? On the evening of 14 August, Saturday, Dad, Mum, Joy and I were having a barbecue at our condominium's barbecue pit. Dad started the fire at the pit while Mum skewered the chicken.

As Dad was fanning the flame, his apron caught fire. All of us rushed to get water from the swimming pool and splashed it onto Dad's apron to douse the fire.

Fortunately, Dad was unhurt, aside from the big hole that was formed on his apron. We managed to enjoy ourselves at the barbecue after ensuring everyone's safety.

Do write back as we have all missed you.


Common mistakes:

1) Mistake: Dear brother
Correct: Dear Brother
The word "Brother" has to start with a capital letter.

2) Mistake: Dad, mum, sister and I were at the barbecue.
Correct: Dad, Mum, Sister and I were at the barbecue.
The words Mum and Sister have to start with capital letters as they are names you use to address your family members.

3) Mistake: My father, my mother and my sister were also at the barbecue:
Correct: Father, Mother and Sister were also at the barbecue.
You should not use terms such as "my father" or "my mother" here as you are writing to your brother and you usually do not refer to your parents as such to your sibling.

4) Mistake: Having only one long paragraph
Correct: Use paragraphs to present your ideas. There should be at least 2 paragraphs.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Complete Grammar MCQs 91-125 by Friday.
Hand in the St Andrew's paper tomorrow.

There will be a mock English exam on Friday (11.50a.m. - 1.40p.m.).
As such, lunch will be from 1.40p.m.-2.15p.m. Eat more during recess.
English lesson will continue from 2.15-2.50p.m.

There will also be a mock compo exam on Monday during English periods. You will be tested on both situational writing and continuous writing. Please revise your notes and vocabulary lists.

Composition Ideas

A few of your classmates persuaded you to join them in playing a trick on a boy in your class whom all of you disliked. You agreed to do so.

Make use of the points below:
- how you were persuaded
- why you agreed to the ploy
- what you and your classmates did to the boy
- how the boy reacted
- what happened in the end

Possible ideas:
1) Clarence
- The boy was a hypocrite and your classmates who all loathed him persuaded you to play a trick on him.
- You did not want to be a wet blanket.
- The plan was to switch off the master power in the hall while the boy was giving a speech.
- The boy was embarrassed.
Complication: Just as you turned on the switch again, things did not turn out the way you intended. There was a power trip.
- The boy cried and the AV crew was punished.
Conclusion: Two wrongs do not make a right.

2) Joel Ting
- Your classmates made the plan sound tantalizing.
- You agreed to play the trick as you did not like the boy – state why.
- You and your classmates stole the boy’s money. You left your own wallet on the table.
- The boy told the teacher about the loss of money.
Complication: The money was found in your own wallet. Your classmates had framed you for the crime!
- You were reprimanded and later, when you confronted your classmates and beat up one of them, your teacher caught you in the act and punished you again.

3) Matthew
- Your classmates were irritated with Paul, a Christian who kept evangelizing.
- They got angry when you did not want to join them in the ploy. Pressurised by your peers, you agreed to join them.
- You destroyed Paul’s Bible.
- Paul burst out in unstoppable tears, but forgave you instantly when you confessed to the act.
- You became good friends.

4) Ching Wah
- A new student was transferred to your class. He was short and fat and was taunted mercilessly by your classmates.
- Your classmates put paint on the victim’s seat.
- He rushed out of school during recess as he could not tolerate the taunts.
Complication: The boy met with an accident as he was running out of school.
- You were punished for the act.